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Billy Z, Bryan and Justin are back with a convention centered ep with a healthy dose of Star Wars talk!  Justin went to the Tri-State Comic Con in Huntington, West Virginia as Bill headed to Asbury Park Comic Con in his home state of New Jersey and they fill us in on meetings, purchases and going on.  Then Bryan joins in on the current comic talk.  East of West #1, Batgirl #19 and the trans reveal, Billy Tucci, Dia De Los Muertos, All-New X-Men, Ambush Bug, Sam Ita's amazing pop up books, Ace Kilroy, ModHero, Age of Ultron, Superior Spider-Man #6AU, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Star Wars: Legacy, Injustice, Hawkeye, DC's upcoming villains month, No Gods and Dustin Carson, Karate Kid, Dan DiDio, Brian Wood's Star Wars, Adhouse Books - they're all in there.  Plus, why Batman and Red Robin #19 brought out Grumpy Bill.

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