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We are starting to get the Comic Book Bears Podcast cave in order again and are finally releasing the audio versions of our livestreams over the last few weeks and this will be the first of four such episodes to bring things up to speed.  On this episode, originally recorded on 9/9/2021, the CBB boys welcome to the show Chris Fildes! Chris is the author of Fanny Galactic: Tuck to the Future and he is here to talk about its sequel Crime + D'Sorder, which like its predecessor was the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign! Imagine waking up and finding the world has been taken over by crazed drag queens! That's what happened in the world of Fanny Galactic which saw the unlikely emergence of a reluctant drag queen super-heroine. Now in a brand new story Chris gives you the rise of Sybil D'Sorder - drag queen super-villain! This comedic thriller is the perfect book for LGBTQ+ comic fans and those looking for something different and fun! Tune in to hear all about it along with Chris's influences and history with comics along with a few books that Bill and Steve discuss - including Last Flight Out (Dark Horse), We Found a Monster (DC) - and much, much more!

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