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The end of this year saw a number of Doctor Who specials hit the television screens and the first was The Star Beast! But did you know it was based on a comic book? Hit play to hear the Comic Book Bears boys discuss the original "The Star Beast" comic story written by Pat Mills and drawn by Dave Gibbons in 1980 as well as the 2023 live action interpretation of it written by returning Who showrunner Russell T Davies with David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning as The Doctor and Donna Noble. Since it is the end of the year we do get in some Best of 2023 chat in which is surprisingly not about comic books but about our favorite music of the year! Then we finally get to some full on comic book yapping with the recent Supergirl Special, Panya: The Mummy's Curse (from the World of Hellboy), Fung Gi (from Scout Comics) and Brandon Graham's Moonray under discussion. So, join all four hosts - Bryan, Caleb, Steve and Bill - for two hours of TARDIS and non-TARDIS talk!


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