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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #74 - The One Where They Talk About Comic Books

The Comic Book Bears are back to five strong as Bryan rejoins Matt, Steve, Justin and Bill this week! The state of Marvel is up for discussion first and the boys dig deep into Secret Wars, Thors, The All-New All-Different Avengers, Hercules and more.  Then DC gets time with Justice League: The Darkseid War, Starfire, Bizarro and the new books from Vertigo. Indie talk is dominated by the extraordinary Huck, F__k Fairyland and The Devilers. And Justin's retro pick is not Harry Potter. (That's a hint.) We also included a potty mouth preamble to kick off the episode. (During our pre-show conversation we were cussing up a storm. There's a little of that in the main body of the episode for whatever reason.)

Intro: "Reflections of You" by Bear in Heaven

Outro: "Teenage Lament '74" by Alice Cooper

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue 73 with The Fifth Beatle's Vivek Tiwary

The bear boys are thrilled this week to welcome to the show Vivek Tiwary, the author of The Fifth Beatle, the fantastic graphic novel which he wrote with art by Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker!! The Fifth Beatle is a #1 New York Times bestseller and the winner of two Harvey awards which tells the story of Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles. A flamboyant but troubled figure who guided The Beatles to worldwide success, Epstein struggled with his homosexuality at a time before it had been decriminalized in the UK and died from an overdose of sleeping pills at age 32 at a point where The Beatles were at the zenith of their success. Vivek takes us through what attracted him to Epstein's story, the process of creating and developing The Fifth Beatle, plans for a major motion picture as well as other projects he is involved with!



Intro - "Reflections of You" - Bear in Heaven

Outro - "The Class of 1973 Bells" - Prefuse 73 with School Of Seven Bells

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue 72 - A Weekly Concern

The bear boys (minus Bryan) are back with the first of their episodes in their new weekly format! That's right - instead of twice a month, you will be getting hairy heavy homo comic talk every week now! Bill Z and Justin start off with a New York Comic Con recap! There is a Valiant Moment with Steve and Matt! Billy Z leads the DC talk! Matt takes the lead with Marvel and Indie talk! Steve gets in some Vertigo chatter!  And newly christened Retro Bear Justin offers up the first of his retro pics! In the mix - Art Ops, Book of Death, Weirdworld, Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Titans Hunt, a New God getting punched in the face and a LOT more!

Intro - "Reflection of You" by Bear in Heaven

Outro - "Emergency 72 (Live)" by Turin Brakes

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #70 - with SAINTS’ Sean Lewis!

We start off the show welcoming Sean Lewis for an interview about his upcoming series for Image Comics SAINTS with artist Benjamin Mackey. Sean is an award winning playwright and This American Life personality and he drops in to tell us about this new ongoing series he is writing; a crime/horror action-packed new series that promises heavy metal, sex and deadly one-liners at every turn.  Sean delves into how a Catholic upbringing informs the story, how he and Benjamin came up with the idea for SAINTS, his creative process and a lot more.  After that, we hear about Steve’s trip to DragonCon and he gives us the lowdown on his time and the sights there. Then the comic book talk starts off - Injection, lots of Secret War tie ins (Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Civil War, Future Imperfect, Ghost Racers and more), Force Works (!), DC Comics Bombshells and other female magic based books out on the stands, the now obligatory Matt and Steve “Valiant Moment” and we end on mullets and other hair disasters (not a comic).

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We all fell in love with them when we saw Barry Bishop propose to Billy Brooks on stage last month at San Diego Comic-Con International. Now we at the Comic Book Bears Podcast are thrilled to bring both Billy and Barry to the show to discuss their Hall H experience, their work in the film industry including Space Station 76 and the upcoming Con Man, their VFX company Mind and Machine, how they developed their interests in geek culture and so much more! Barry and Billy were AMAZING guests: listen in and, we promise, you will be richer for it!




Then stick around as Bill Zanowitz, Justin Allen, Bryan Pittard, Steve Mowry and Matt Brossard soldier on to talk about recent comic based movies (Ant Man, Fantastic Four, Justice League: Gods and Monsters) and comics (Midnighter, Uncanny X-Men, Black Canary, Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Superman, Archie vs. Sharknado and more!)

NOTE: If you are accessing the episode from our the Comic Book Bears iTunes/Libsyn feed, the sound quality may not be up to our usual standards due to space concerns.  If you want to listen to the episode in superior sound, please go to the Earth 2 Network iTunes feed or access the episode directly from the link below:




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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #65 Part 1 - Jamal Igle and Molly Danger!

In the first part of our 65th episode, Jamal Igle makes a return visit after his appearance at our New York Comic Con Super Week show last October to discuss his Kickstarter campaign to help fund the ongoing series of his Molly Danger and the bear boys couldn't be more thrilled! Molly Danger is a super powered 10-year-old-alien girl who protects the city of Coopersville, New York from an army of villains called The Supermechs. Although Molly is an internationally famous super heroine, she is incredibly lonely and isolated from the public by D.A.R.T. (Danger’s Action Response Team) command. Forbidden from having personal contact, she has no friends, no family, and no life outside of being a hero; that is until she meets D.A.R.T. pilot and new partner Austin Briggs and befriends his stepson Brian Hammond.   The ongoing series picks up nine months since the end of Molly's Book One with Molly continuing to break D.A.R.T. protocols as she begins to question what is and what is not real! Jamal also serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Action Lab Entertainment and he fills us in on what to expect from Action Lab in the near future. And if all that weren't enough Jamal also discusses with us his early work in comics, his two year stint on Supergirl, the return of his Venture project with writer Jay Faerber and much more!!

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Comic Book Bears Go To The Movies Special - Bear City 3

The Comic Book Bears are back with a special episode where we close the funnybooks for an hour and shift our focus to the silver screen! We are thrilled to have on the show for an interview some of the big names behind the upcoming Bear City 3! Writer/Director Doug Langway and Producer Sam Kite join Billy Z, Justin, Steve and Matt to discuss the Indiegogo campaign to help fund the third and final hilarious installment of the award-winning BearCity Trilogy! Matt pulls double duty on this episode as both a co-host AND a creator as he is drawing the BC 2.5 Graphic Novel, the official BearCity Graphic Novel! BC 2.5 is just one of the many campaign incentives you can choose from when you open up your wallet to help make this project a reality! Listen in as Doug, Sam and Matt take you through what you can expect to see as the BC family heads to camp!

And if you haven't already, click thru to or to find out even more!


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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #63 - With Joey And Josh From Geeks OUT Talking Flame Con!

NYC is about to have its very first LGBTQ comic convention! And coming on the show to discuss Flame Con are very special guests Joey Stern and Josh Siegel from Geeks OUT! Billy Z, Steve and Matt enlist Joey and Josh to take us through what to expect at Flame Con as well as the history of Geeks OUT, the NYC based queer geek culture group behind it. Josh is also an artist, better known by his pseudonym ModHero, and he talks with us about his work. We then become six on the mic when Brother Bryan joins us to to talk about the Archie Kickstarter and lots of comics including Thor, Secret Wars, Wuvable Oaf, Arcadia, The Filth and Convergence: Supergirl Matrix. Also, lots of show bandwidth is dedicated to just how gay Mr. Sinister is! So listen in and BUY YOUR FLAME CON TIX if you haven't already!

Intro: Matthew Sweet - "Where You Get Love"
1:01 - Introducing Joey Stern and Josh Siegel from GeeksOUT to discuss Flame Con!
16:29 - Josh's ModHero work
36:07 - Archie's Kickstarter controversy
54:17 - Comic talk including Thor, Secret Wars, Wuvable Oaf, Arcadia, The Filth and Convergence: Supergirl Matrix.
1:44:20 - The Woofs of the Week!
Outro - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - "December 1963 (Remix)"


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T.H.U.N.D.E.R.H.O.S.T.S. Bill and Rob return to talk about Dynamo #1, originally published by Tower Comics and cover dated August 1966. A giant size offering of our boy Len Brown in solo action! Listen in and hear how Dynamo faces the evil likes of The Red Dragon, The Iron Maiden, Demo, Dr. Sparta, mysterious men from the moon (maybe), Andor and Dr. Oom in battle! He gets nowhere (again) with Alice! He forgets to ask for a raise! He punches dinosaurs in the face! AND we are treated to the debut of Wonder Weed, Super Hero! All this and T.H.U.N.D.E.E.R.tracks from The Buggles and NRBQ!

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T.H.U.N.D.E.R.C.A.S.T. - The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Podcast, Episode 7

Bill Zanowitz and Rob Staeger are back and it is a big one folks, as they cover T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #7, cover dated August 1966. After their customary tour through the spinner rack of June 1966 (and maybe a little too much Spider-Man talk) they tackle T-Agents #7 which includes some guest appearances from the ladies of Marvel (sorta kinda) ... but more importantly, they end with spotlighting "A Matter of Life and Death", probably the most important T-Agents story ever. T.H.U.N.D.E.R.tracks this time out from Sex Mob and David Bowie.

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T.H.U.N.D.E.R.C.A.S.T. - The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Podcast, Episode 6

After an extended hiatus, Bill Zanowitz and Rob Staeger finally return with another episode that breaks down T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #6, originally published by Tower Comics and cover dated July, 1966.  The action starts with a few selections from the Silver Age spinner rack as Bill and Rob choose, as always, other books they would have picked up that were on the stands at the same time as T Agents #6. Then they dive into the five stories that make up the book including the first NoMan story with art by the legendary Steve Ditko! (In fact, there is A LOT of Ditko talk toward the end of the episode.) This issue finds the T Agents battling a host maybe-not-so legendary villians such as The Red Star, Richard Wizard, Demo Zizaqz The Mighty and Mr. Image! We also gave this episode an explicit warning tag because the guys do let out a couple of cuss words. All this plus ThunderTracks from Nancy Sinatra and Eddie Beram!

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