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As the Comic Book Bears Podcast takes a Thanksgiving break from video livestreaming we are taking advantage of that downtime to catch up on the audio versions of our episodes. This episode was recorded after one of our hosts made it out to New York Comic Con so listen in to Bill Z’s wrap up of that con’s goings on and be prepared for some rambling with tangents ranging from Jon Kent’s bisexuality in the current Superman comics to the virtues of one particular punk group from the UK. We don’t go off the rails so greatly that we don’t get to the round tabling of recent comics with Inferno (Jonathan Hickman’s denouement to his overseeing the X-Men line), A Thing Called Love (an Image book from the wonderful Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli), Turbo Kid: Apple's Lost Adventure (from Happy Tank, a new Behemoth Comics imprint), Chicken Devil (a comedy thriller from Aftershock), Suicide Squad: Get Joker! (Brian Azzarello and Alex Maleev tackling Task Force X for DC Black Label) and much more!

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We decided to head over to the movie theater section of the Comic Book Bearcave this time around ... it's a big cave ... as we each discuss our five favorite comic book films of all time! The Dark Knight! Guardians of the Galaxy! Dredd! Superman! Ant-Man! Sin City! Avengers: Endgame! Road to Perdition! Watchmen! Captain America: The Winter Soldier! The Rocketeer! Some of these are among our favorite comic book based films; some of these aren't! And one even makes all of our lists! Listen in and find out!

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