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On this new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode, we are joined by Brian Newberry of the Comics Discourse 114 podcast! Though we have been friends with Brian for many many years, this is the first time he has joined us on our show! Hit play and listen in as Caleb, Bill Z and Steve talk with Brian about how he got into comics and what all four of us are looking forward to this upcoming weekend as we will all be meeting up in Charlotte, NC to attend Heroes Con! Then when the comic talk starts, it's a varied lot! Under the CBB microscope this time around are X-Men #35 (the legacy #700 anniversary issue), DC's 2024 Pride and DC Pride: A Celebration of Rachel Pollack anthologies, Parallel by Matthias Lehman, The Midnight Order by Mathieu Bablet, Self-Esteem and the End of the World by Luke Healy, Titan's new Savage Sword of Conan series and Lifeline Comics' crossover of their titles Haunting and Like Father, Like Daughter! There is nothing better than a hot guest bear like Brian during Pride month so whether you are an ally or a fellow member of The Alphabet Mafia yourself, please join us!

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Time for a new Comic Book Bears audio episode! On May 23rd the regular CBB crew (Steve, Caleb and Bill Z) convened to once again chat about the funnybooks. After a few tangents (Memorial Day weekend plans, our favorite Rolling Stones songs, prepping for HeroesCon) the boys finally sashay over to the virtual spinner rack in the Bearcave. Among the books discussed - Batman: Dark Age (DC), Batman/Superman: World's Finest (DC), Vengeance of the Moon Knight (Marvel), The Last Mermaid (Image), Pine and Merrimac (Boom) and Spectregraph (DSTLRY) - just hit play for two hours, one minute and twenty-five seconds of hairy heavy homo comic chat!

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