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Join as Steve and Bill set the B-Wing controls for a galaxy far, far away to meet up with Craig Lantz of the Southern Fried Geekery podcast and Mike Lovins from the Reel Gay Movie Show to talk about all things Star Wars! First up the crew goes through the entire second season of The Mandalorian and offers up what they loved about each episode. The chatter continues as they touch on The Clone Wars, the numerous upcoming Star Wars projects announced at the Disney shareholders meeting and, since we are a comic book based podcast, what has been going on in the Marvel SW world including Target Vader and The High Republic! So hit play or download and join us for almost two hours of Star Wars talk - you can hit Tosche Station to pick up some power converters afterwards!

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Get out your lightsabers, fuel up your land speeders and pre-order your Child merch! With The Rise of Skywalker in theaters and The Mandalorian finishing up its first season on Disney+ the CBB boys decided for their first episode of 2020 to focus on the Star Wars universe!  And with a special episode comes special guests!! Joining Billy Z and Steve for this show are two of the biggest Star Wars fans we know among our fellow podcasters : Craig Lantz from the Southern Fried Geekery Podcast and Mike Lovins from the Reel Gay Movie Show! Apart from the aforementioned TROS and the Baby Yoda Show we also discuss the Jedi: Fallen Order video game, our own histories with the franchise and, since this IS a comic book podcast, some of the Star Wars comic books we are digging. All this and Star Wars themed Woofs of the Week!

This is the way.

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #77 - Star Wars! Nothing But Star Wars! Gimme Those Star Wars …

Yeah yeah yeah, we are a comic book based podcast but how can we not talk about The Force Awakens!?!? We are back to five bears strong this week as Bill, Justin, Bryan, Steve and Matt discuss what they thought of the new movie. (SPOILER ... they are not all in agreement ... except about Snap Wexley!) Then the CBBears each recount our earliest Star Wars memories. Then, to tie it back into comic books, we recount the history of Star Wars in comics and spotlight some of our favorite SW funnybooks including Dark Empire, Tales of the Jedi, X-Wing Squadron, Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows, The Star Wars among them right into the current Marvel books.

Intro: Bear in Heaven - "Reflections of You"

Outro: The Clash - "1977"

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