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Comic Books Bears Billy Z and Steve offer up a very special episode about a very special episode this time around! To talk about the recent "Carrie The Musical" episode of The CW's Riverdale the CBB boys are thrilled to bring back to the show geek culture writer and Archie Comics expert Chris Cummins! Not only is there a discussion regarding the episode, the history of Carrie The Musical itself (which was a legendary Broadway flop) is also covered in all its blood stained glory!

DISCLAIMER 1: There were some recording glitches which Billy Z did his best to cure in the mixing process.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is our gayest episode yet! Hands down!



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Bryan, Bill Z and Steve are back on the mic to offer up to you a solid hour and a half of comic book and comic related talk.  We cover recent comic culture news such as the concerns for Stan Lee after his appearance at the Silicon Valley Comic Con and the controversies over the recent 99 cents Marvel sales on Comixology.  We then turn on the tube and talk about what is happening with Legion, Legends of Tomorrow, SHIELD and Krypton. Finally we lope on over to the spinner rack and talk about Dark Knights: Metal, Brilliant Trash, Snagglepuss, The Terrifics, Lockjaw and more!

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