Comic Book Bears Podcast

As Brother Bryan is off curling, Steve and Billy Z decide to do something a little different on this episode! The fates conspired against Billy's receipt of recent comics so our remaining bears decided to make this episode pretty much comic book free! Instead of chatting about their favorite four-color heroes and indie books the CBBears instead talk about other things they are enjoying during the summer months. Movie and TV news and shows are discussed along with toys, concerts and a recent BluRay/DVD buying binge on the part of one the co-hosts.  Within this episode's 90+ minutes The Toys That Made Us, The Pixies, great concerts, The Alienist, internet responses to casting, Mego toys, Smashing Pumpkins, I'm Dying Up Here, The Expanse, The Americans, terrible concerts, treasures found at Dollar Tree, They Might Be Giants and lots more make an appearance! And what show wouldn't be made better by a lifeguarding/acne tangent!?!?!

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