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One last 2022 Comic Book Bears audio episode for you all! Bill Z, Caleb and Steve are back with you for one more episode before Father Time ushers us into 2023! Listen in as the CBB first cover some of December's big news items such as James Gunn's new role overseeing DC Studios (including the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 and Henry Cavill hanging up his cape as Kal-El) and Aftershock's filing for bankruptcy.  Then they shift over to the comic talk with Gargoyles #1 (Dynamite), A Vicious Circle #1 (Boom), Batman/Superman: World's Finest #10 (DC), Frank Frazetta's Dawn Attack #1 (Opus), Art Brut #1 (Image) and from a few years back Saucer State (IDW) among the books discussed! We hope you all had a great holiday season and we wish you all the best as we venture into the new year!!

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Step into the Comic Book Bears cave for the first of two audio episodes this month! Bill Z, Steve and Caleb are all present to talk comics ranging from the Big Two to a number of new and recent indie titles! Among the books discussed are DC's Superman titles, Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise (Marvel), Sparks of Chaos (CEX), Project Superpowers: Fractured States (Dynamite), Jason Aaron's Once Upon a Time at the End of the World (Boom) and Door By Door, Night By Night by Cullen Bunn and Sally Cantirino (Vault). Apart from the comics Bill Z also went a bit nuts on a Black Friday spending spree, Caleb reveals he is the love child of Dolly Parton and Rob Halford, and Steve ... is ... well, Steve.

So take a break from those Christmas records playing, hit play on us and get your funnybook fix!

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For the second new audio episode in a row the Comic Book Bears head over to the multiplex! Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the sequel to Black Panther (2018) and the 30th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Directed by Ryan Coogler, who co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Robert Cole, BP:WF stars Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba, Dominique Thorne, Michaela Coel, Tenoch Huerta Mejía, Martin Freeman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Angela Bassett. In the film, the leaders of Wakanda fight to protect their nation from new threats in the wake of T'Challa's death. The film also serves as the introduction of Namor to the MCU! Steve and Caleb weigh in with what they thought of the movie and then Billy Z joins them on the mic for a new comic book roundtable discussion! So hit play! (It's the Wakandan way!)

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On this first of two back-to-back super-hero based movie episodes, the Comic Book Bears return to your earbuds to discuss Black Adam, the 11th DC Extended Universe film! The movie is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Dwayne Johnson in the titular role with Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari and Quintessa Swindell rounding out the cast.  Black Adam centers around Teth-Adam, an ancient superhuman who is released from his magic imprisonment by a group of archeologists to free the nation of Kahndaq from a criminal enterprise that rules their country. He gains the attention of the Justice Society of America who try to stop Adam from causing further destruction from his attacks but they all discover that there is a deeper evil at work. Hit play to join Billy Z, Steve and Caleb and hear what they thought of the film and then stick around for some comic book talk (including a few Black Adam related titles!)

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The CBB Boys were all super busy during the tail end of September and the entire month of October but they finally regrouped to talk comics in their virtual comic cave. But to venture over to the spinner rack, you have to first clear a hurdle in hearing about the group members exploits at New York Comic Con, at Memphis Comic Expo, being super gay in Las Vegas, being super lawyerly in Portland and traveling to the Diamond State! Comics discussed this time around include an exploration of one the classic New Mutants arcs from the 1980s, DC's current Dark Crisis event books and Stepping Stones by writer/artist Lucy Knisley which is all about a city girl finding a new life on a farm. All you have to do is hit play and you'll get a whole lotta Steve, Caleb and Billy Z and a whole lotta comic talk!


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The CBB boys return to their virtual funnybook case for an hour and 45 minutes of mostly comic book talk.  There is a reference to a geek get and (inexplicably) a few references to 1978's DC Implosion but for the most part it is just new comic books! So put in the ear buds and press play to hear Billy Z, Caleb and Steve discuss The Least We Can Do (Image), Bloodshot Unleashed (Valiant), Tales of the Human Target (DC), Crashing (IDW), Ms. Marvel & Venom (Marvel), Superman: Warworld Apocalypse (DC) and a bunch more!


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Another new audio episode, and our first where our wonder cub Caleb can place an "Esq." after his name, just like our Grand Poobah Billy Z! Yes, our kid passed the bar exam and he's ready to shake up the legal profession! But before he does that, he and Billy join Stalwart Steve in talking about comics books with a round table ranging from all ages books (My Buddy Killer Croc, Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories) to newer offerings from Image Comics (Twig, The Last Shadowhawk, Shirtless Bear Fighter 2) to others! Hit play and join us!!!


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We are (finally) back with new audio episodes! Join us as Caleb, Bill and Steve discuss the first three episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the new MCU television series on Disney+! The series follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer specializing in cases involving superhumans, who through a series of events involving her cousin Bruce Banner also becomes a big green superhero!
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law stars Tatiana Maslany as the title character alongside Jameela Jamil, Ginger Gonzaga, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, Benedict Wong and more! Then we turn our attention to the hirsuite spinner rack and offer up our opinions on a variety of examples of graphic goodness!



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On this extra-long new episode, the CBB boys (Bill, Caleb and Steve) reconvene to discuss the landmark television adaptation on Netflix of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series! Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book series that originally ran from 1989 to 1996, The Sandman tells the story of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams and one of the seven siblings that make up The Endless, is captured in an occult ritual in 1916. After being held captive for 106 years, Morpheus escapes and sets out to restore order to his realm, The Dreaming. And if that were not enough, we also discuss DC League of Super-Pets! The computer-animated superhero comedy film is based on the DC Comics characters with voice talent including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, and Keanu Reeves. It tells the story of Superman's pet dog Krypto and shelter dog Ace who work with other animals to defeat an unexpected adversary with a connection to Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor! And if that STILL were not enough, the fellas get some new comic book talk in!



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One of this summer's big movie hits was Thor: Love and Thunder, the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth once again as Thor alongside Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Waititi, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman. In the film, Thor attempts to find inner peace, but must return to action and recruit Valkyrie, Korg and Jane Foster - who is now the Mighty Thor—to stop Gorr the God Butcher, a new adversary who is on a quest to eliminate all gods from existence! Steve and Bill are on hand to offer up what they thought of the movie along with discussing some of the news that came out of this year's San Diego Comic Con and head over to the virtual spinner rack to discuss a few new books. Also it is pretty much an Asgardian miracle that we are delivering this audio episode to you: we encountered Ragnarok-level problems with the mix.  There may be a few portions where Steve is a bit too low in the mix but we are proud to still be able to bring our 244th episode to you!

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The CBB boys are thrilled to welcome back Richard Rivera to the show! A veteran guest of ours and long time friend of the podcast, Richard is the Co-Publisher of Scout Comics and the writer/creator of the fan favorite series Stabbity Bunny. Stabbity is a plush toy rabbit that has been passed down generations in a family that has been hunted by supernatural forces for almost 100 years. It is now in the hands of young Grace Lee and we discover that Stabbity is far more than a toy! Richard is here to discuss the latest Stabbity-related Kickstarter campaign for collected editions of Stabbity Bunny Volumes 1 and 2 and much, much more!


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HeroesCon 2022 marked the return of the venerable North Carolina comic book convention for the first time since 2019 AND the show's 40th anniversary!  But on top of that it also marked the monumental first meeting in person of our own Bill Z and Caleb! So pop in those ear buds us as we recount the great time we buds had at the show!  And joining us on the show to celebrate our time at Heroes is another attendee, our good friend Jon Runyan of the A Comic Book Look podcast! And just where was NC native Steve during all this!?!? Well, hit play and find out!






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New Comic Book Bears audio episode! We are thrilled to have Bryan rejoin us after his time away to discuss a spate of new books in one more June episode! Steve and Bill enthusiastically reunite with him in the CBBearcave to chat about the DC Pride 2022 anthology, the first two issues of both Twig (Image) and The Rocketeer: The Great Race (IDW), Action Comics Annual 2022 (DC), Hulkling and Wiccan #1 (Marvel) and the latest graphic novel from one of our favorite creators Joe Glass (with Vince Underwood), The Miracles - and much much more! Hit play and enjoy!



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The CBB boys help close out Pride Month with this new audio episode recorded from our 6/6/2022 livestream! Listen in as we discuss a number of outstanding LGBTQIA+ books! Among the works that Bill Z, Caleb and Steve talk about this time around are Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, Rockstar and Softboy by Sina Grace, The Life and Comics of Howard Cruse: Taking Risks in the Service of Truth by Andrew J. Kunka, Queer As All Get Out: 10 People Who've Inspired Me by Shelby Criswell, Rave by Jessica Criswell and the first issue of DC/Milestone's new take on Blood Syndicate! Happy Pride!

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New Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode! The Comic Book Bears boys (Steve, Bill Z and recent recent law school graduate Caleb) head to the multiplex in this new audio episode as they discuss Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the 28th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. The movie is directed by Sam Raimi and stars Benedict Cumberbatch resturning once again as Stephen Strange, alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez and Rachel McAdams. In the film, Strange protects America Chavez (Gomez), a teenager capable of traveling the multiverse, from an unexpected foe. On a much more somber note, the hosts also discuss the life and work of seminal comic artist artist and writer George Perez who passed away on May 6th, 2022. Listen in as we discuss his work on The New Teen Titans, Avengers, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman and many other properties.  (Again we are aware that you won't be able with the audio version to follow along with the graphics as you would from our livestream so please head over to our Facebook page for a gallery of George's art that we discuss.)

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On this latest Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode, Bill Z and Steve don their Murderino caps and dive deep into Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession, a wonderful new original GN by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell from Andrews McMeel Publishing. Campbell, who is best known as a cartoonist for The New Yorker, traces the murders that have captivated her through her life, details how this is a generational interest in her family and simultaneously offers up a love letter to her fellow true crime fanatics. Murder Book is a funny, thoughtful, and highly personal blend of memoir, cultural criticism, and true crime with a focus on the often-overlooked victims of notorious killers and provides the best answers yet as to why it can so much fun to read about death and dismemberment! Also we honor the passing of comics legend Neal Adams this past April 28th with our exploration of his life and work. (We are fully aware that you won't be able with the audio version to follow along with the graphics as you would from our livestream so please head over to our Facebook page for a gallery of Neal's art that we discuss.)

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The last two months has seen a slew of new DC first issues so this time around Bill Z and Steve select the National Periodical Publications option and discuss five of them!  Hit play to hear our queer ursine takes on Beyond Flashpoint #0, The Rogues #1, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #1, Trial of the Amazons #1 and Naomi: Season Two #1! Add in some "geek gets" talk, a multitude of tangents and our Woofs of the Week and you got the latest Comic Book Bears audio episode!

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Once again, we welcome back journalist and Archie Comics Chris Cummins expert to the show! Chris recently made the news when nearly his entire comic book collection was stolen from a Philadelphia storage facility. Chris details for us what happened and offers some tips just in case you do come across comics in your travels that may have come from his collection. Then it's roundtable time as Chris joins Caleb, Steve and Bill Z to discuss recent comic books which include Fire Power (Image), Derek Mark's new effort Legendary Spirits, Sensational Wonder Woman Special (DC), Geiger 80-Page Giant (Image), Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (Archie), the Star Wars: Life Day one-shot (Marvel) and much more! Also ... JESSICA LANGE IS NUMBER ONE!!!

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We were surprised we were going to have all four CBBears available to be on the mic this week but it happened! Listen in as we talk about Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg's Red Room and the controversy around a planned Maus-inspired cover, the X Lives and the X Deaths of Wolverine and what's up with Moira McTaggart, Alison Bechdel's newest book The Secret to Superhuman Strength, a new Conan adventure found in The Cimmeriam: Hour of the Dragon from Ablaze, the return of Saga after a three year absence, a look back at Ed Brubaker's Captain America and much more!!
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March 4th, 2022 saw the premiere of The Batman, the new film about the Caped Crusader directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as the title character alongside Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. Caleb, Steve and Bill slide down the bearpoles to the CBB cave to discuss the new movie and also provide some of their picks at classic and recent Bat-related books that they think listeners may enjoy! So press play and join us in Gotham to find out what we thought about this new cinematic take on the Dark Knight Detective!
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Once again we are delighted to welcome back Will Lindus of the Movie Bears Podcast! We love that we are able every once in a while to give this handsome gent the opportunity to talk comics on our show! We start the show off covering recent comic book news, primarily the universally despised changes to Comixology! This time the books in our figurative spinner rack include Super Massive #1 (Image), Stray Dogs (Image), Batman/Catwoman Special (DC), Catwoman: Special Day #2 (DC), Faithless III (Boom), Barbalien: Red Planet - From the World of Black Hammer (Dark Horse), Manor Black: Fire in the Blood (Dark Horse) and New Masters #1 (Image). A big guest like this deserves a big running time so strap in to join Will, Bill, Steve and Caleb for a 2-hours-and-change episode! (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band also factors in ... because why not?)

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The Comic Book Bears Podcast is back with another new audio episode! Bill, Steve and Caleb gather together for another roundtable of four color (and some B&W) goodness! With books that range from manga to biography the discussion topics this time include Mister Miracle: The Great Escape, Hex Vet, Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story, Kaiju 8 Vol. 1, Superman and Robin Special #1 and the Avengers by John Byrne Omnibus! When we hit the last one we stay on that subject for a while because ALL THE S%#T WENT DOWN IN WEST COAST AVENGERS in the 80s and 90s! Hit play and join us!


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The Comic Book Bears Podcast virtual cave has reopened for the first time in 2022! Join as Caleb, Bryan, Steve and Bill are all on hand for their first episode of the new year! A few days ago a Tennessee school district made international news by banning Maus, Art Spiegelman's landmark Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust from being taught in its schools or being offered in its libraries. And we weigh in! As for comics discussed in our round table, this time around the subjects are Monkey Meat #1 (Image), Nightwing #87 (DC), Heartstopper Volume 4 by Alice Oseman (Hodder Children's Books) and Inferno #4 (Marvel).  In fact, there is a whole lot of X-Men talk if that is your thing!  We even managed to prevail in having all four of us on despite technical difficulties so hit play and enjoy!