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A bunch of bears and a bunch of new comics - yes, it's another new Comic Book Bears audio episode! Hit play and hear Steve, Caleb and Bill Z chat about a very important bit of recent comic industry news - the mass exodus of artists from Cadence Comic Art - and then onto the comic book talk with time dedicated to Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel), The Schlub (Image), Somna (DSTLRY) and  John Constantine: Hellblazer - Dead in America (DC)! AND YES, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 REALLY IS THAT GOOD!!!

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Finally, it's a new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode! Hit play and hear the CBB boys (Bill Z, Steve and Caleb) talk about comics like Superman: Lost, Kneel Before Zod, the new Duke and Cobra Commander books from Image/Skybound's G.I. Joe line and - remember we are a queer podcast - Killer Queens 2! The boys also get caught up with each other and, since this first 2024 episode was recorded during the playoffs, you get treated to some NFL Conference and Super Bowl chat from Caleb and Bill ... it was a funny conversation so we left it in ... and if you have missed the audio episodes, don't worry - this is just the first of three that we will be releasing over the next week!


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