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On this new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode we are thrilled to talk with two of the folks behind new indie publishing company Bamboo Panel Studios and their Kickstarter campaign for the first project, Kosmotrope! BPS CEO Jon Runyan is a long time friend of the show and past guest and he appears along with BPS Editor-in-Chief Randy Faustino! Randy also serves as the writer of Kosmotrope! Described as an urban fantasy thriller, Kosmotrope concerns a mysterious affliction begins striking down residents of the community of Sequoia Pass and it is up to conservation officer Liam O’Sullivan to stop the malady before the town and its people are consumed by it! Their Kickstarter runs until May 27th; the link is below. Beyond that Steve, Caleb and Bill Z talk about some new comics including the MAD Magazine Free Comic Book Day offering, Space Ghost #1 and Slash Presents (yes, THAT Slash) Deathstalker, based on the sword-and-sorcery film series from the 1980s! (And on that note R.I.P. Roger Corman.)

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"X-Men '97" premiered on Disney+ on March 20th, 2024 and this series continues the storyline for the 1990s "X-Men: The Animated Series" and details the plight of the team as they face new challenges following the apparent death of their leader, Professor X. Hit play and you will hear Steve and Bill Z discuss the first few episodes and joining in them in their chat is longtime friend of the show Tony Gilkinson, appearing on the podcast for first time! Beyond X-Men '97, Tony and the CBB Boys also talk about some of their favorite X-Men stories in the funnybooks including the Neal Adams/Roy Thomas late 1960s X-Men run, the original graphic novel and the initial issues of The New Mutants, the Muir Island Saga and series starring Jimmy Hudson, son of Ultimate Wolverine! Hit play to join us for two plus hours of marvelous mutant musings!


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