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The Comic Book Bears are thrilled welcome to the show for the first time David Hazan! David is from Sydney, Australia and is the writer of the upcoming series, Nottingham, from Mad Cave Studios and a winner of the Mad Cave Studios 2019 Talent Search. He has a penchant for queer storytelling and formalism in comics, which shines through in his short comics work, some of which is self-published and some of which is to be published in anthologies from publishers in the coming year. David fills us in on Nottingham, a unique reinterpretation of the Robin Hood mythos, and also discusses some of this other work and comic favorites. Then David joins Bryan, Bill and Steve for a spin of the comic rack. This time around the spotlight shines on Fanny Galactic: Drag Queen Super-Heroine!, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt (Dynamite), Batman/Catwoman (DC), Colonel Weird: Cosmogog (Dark Horse) and more!

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Join as Steve and Bill set the B-Wing controls for a galaxy far, far away to meet up with Craig Lantz of the Southern Fried Geekery podcast and Mike Lovins from the Reel Gay Movie Show to talk about all things Star Wars! First up the crew goes through the entire second season of The Mandalorian and offers up what they loved about each episode. The chatter continues as they touch on The Clone Wars, the numerous upcoming Star Wars projects announced at the Disney shareholders meeting and, since we are a comic book based podcast, what has been going on in the Marvel SW world including Target Vader and The High Republic! So hit play or download and join us for almost two hours of Star Wars talk - you can hit Tosche Station to pick up some power converters afterwards!

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It's the first Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode of 2021.  Recorded on 1/7/2021- just one day after the failed Trump Insurrection (which we definitely talk about some) - the CBBoys reconvene to chat about many things! Hit play or download to join Bill, Bryan, Steve and Caleb as they offer up their opinions about Wonder Woman 1984, the latest DC Extended Universe film entry directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal! Then it is time to hit the spinner rack with the fellas talking about Glitter Vipers, Insider Art, The Arrival, Death Metal and Dark Knights: Death Metal - The Secret Origin, Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, Cease and Desist: Inspired by the Music of They Might Be Giants, Six Days: The Incredible Story of D-Day's Lost Chapter and the final Bendis-written Superman issues among many others!

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