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2023 marks yet another year where none of the Comic Book Bears Podcast boys - Caleb, Steve and Billy Z - were in attendance at San Diego Comic Con but the comic talk continues! Recorded on 7/20/2023, the date that SDCC kicked off, this episode starts off with tangents about the much missed MediaPlay chain and the hazards of getting stoned on the beach the day after your senior prom. Then the boys shift over to grab some books off that virtual spinner rack and this time around the books discussed include the beginning of DC's Knight Terrors event, the new Incredible Hulk #1, Dragonball Z, Jeff Lemire's new project Fireflies and a nod to the past with the Question by Dennis O'Neil and Denys Cowan Omnibus! Hit play to enjoy a solid two hours of ursine funnybook discussion! 


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We all know how hot it has been this July in North America. The Comic Book Bears are here to help you cool down a bit with some talk about cool comic books! After rapidly changing subjects at the outset of the episode (going off on tangents from birthdays to a really intense take on Lex Luthor to ... the heat), the spinner rack gets spun! Steve talks up X-Cellent (Marvel) and the surprising Void Rivals (Image); Caleb takes a look into this year's Hulk and Scarlet Witch annuals; Billy Z examines the Dawn of DC version of Green Arrow and a classic run on New Gods by Gerry Conway and Don Newton. All this plus woofs and gets and much more!

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