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We are thrilled to bring back Bryan Pittard back to the show!! If the CBB boys were The Defenders, Bryan is our Silver Surfer - he might not be around for a while but when he is back he's a full on member who swoops in to save the day! Bryan joins your regular crew (Steve, Caleb and Bill) to talk comics and this time the virtual pull list has DC's Knight Terrors event, Astonishing Iceman, Planet of the Apes, Second Coming: Trinity, Tula Lotay and Scott Snyder's Barnstormers and Pool Boys by Josh Trujillo with art by Josh Cornillo on it! As for the title of the episode, listen to the very beginning as we chat about a recent development on the music scene! 

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The X-Men's annual Hellfire Gala recently happened and hosted man and mutant alike ... and things didn't go down so well! On this latest Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode we - meaning Bill Z, Caleb and Steve - discuss the one-shot which kicks off the Fall of X event into high gear. But before that we have a very frank discussion about how one of our hosts appears to be losing interest in reading comic books and all the group shares their stories about times they stopped reading and what got them back in. (If you want to skip this chat, you can go to the 37:00 min mark.) Then the CBB boys are all in for comic talk with the aforementioned Hellfire Gala 2023 one-shot, Power Girl Special #1, Avengers Beyond #1, Ultimate Invasion #1, Fire Power and the Planetary Omnibus each undergoing our ursine analysis. So grab your embossed Hellfire invite, step into a portal to Krakoa by hitting play, grab a cocktail (or ten) and enjoy!


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