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New Comic Book Bears audio episode! HeroesCon 2024 a few weeks ago marked the very first time that the current roster of CBB Boys - Bill Z, Steve and Caleb - were all under the same roof IRL! And to recount what went down in Charlotte we are once again joined by special guest Brian Newberry of the Comics Discourse 114 podcast! Apart from the con wrap-up we also dive into some recent books we have been enjoying which include Ain't No Grave (Image), Bloodshot Unleashed (Valiant), the long awaited My Favorite Thing is Monsters Book 2 (Fantagraphics) and the pure throwback joy of Bloodscar Megazine by Jason Horn! So hit play and enjoy two hours of 3/4 bearded and bombastic book banter!!

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On this new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode, we are joined by Brian Newberry of the Comics Discourse 114 podcast! Though we have been friends with Brian for many many years, this is the first time he has joined us on our show! Hit play and listen in as Caleb, Bill Z and Steve talk with Brian about how he got into comics and what all four of us are looking forward to this upcoming weekend as we will all be meeting up in Charlotte, NC to attend Heroes Con! Then when the comic talk starts, it's a varied lot! Under the CBB microscope this time around are X-Men #35 (the legacy #700 anniversary issue), DC's 2024 Pride and DC Pride: A Celebration of Rachel Pollack anthologies, Parallel by Matthias Lehman, The Midnight Order by Mathieu Bablet, Self-Esteem and the End of the World by Luke Healy, Titan's new Savage Sword of Conan series and Lifeline Comics' crossover of their titles Haunting and Like Father, Like Daughter! There is nothing better than a hot guest bear like Brian during Pride month so whether you are an ally or a fellow member of The Alphabet Mafia yourself, please join us!

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Time for a new Comic Book Bears audio episode! On May 23rd the regular CBB crew (Steve, Caleb and Bill Z) convened to once again chat about the funnybooks. After a few tangents (Memorial Day weekend plans, our favorite Rolling Stones songs, prepping for HeroesCon) the boys finally sashay over to the virtual spinner rack in the Bearcave. Among the books discussed - Batman: Dark Age (DC), Batman/Superman: World's Finest (DC), Vengeance of the Moon Knight (Marvel), The Last Mermaid (Image), Pine and Merrimac (Boom) and Spectregraph (DSTLRY) - just hit play for two hours, one minute and twenty-five seconds of hairy heavy homo comic chat!

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On this new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode we are thrilled to talk with two of the folks behind new indie publishing company Bamboo Panel Studios and their Kickstarter campaign for the first project, Kosmotrope! BPS CEO Jon Runyan is a long time friend of the show and past guest and he appears along with BPS Editor-in-Chief Randy Faustino! Randy also serves as the writer of Kosmotrope! Described as an urban fantasy thriller, Kosmotrope concerns a mysterious affliction begins striking down residents of the community of Sequoia Pass and it is up to conservation officer Liam O’Sullivan to stop the malady before the town and its people are consumed by it! Their Kickstarter runs until May 27th; the link is below. Beyond that Steve, Caleb and Bill Z talk about some new comics including the MAD Magazine Free Comic Book Day offering, Space Ghost #1 and Slash Presents (yes, THAT Slash) Deathstalker, based on the sword-and-sorcery film series from the 1980s! (And on that note R.I.P. Roger Corman.)

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"X-Men '97" premiered on Disney+ on March 20th, 2024 and this series continues the storyline for the 1990s "X-Men: The Animated Series" and details the plight of the team as they face new challenges following the apparent death of their leader, Professor X. Hit play and you will hear Steve and Bill Z discuss the first few episodes and joining in them in their chat is longtime friend of the show Tony Gilkinson, appearing on the podcast for first time! Beyond X-Men '97, Tony and the CBB Boys also talk about some of their favorite X-Men stories in the funnybooks including the Neal Adams/Roy Thomas late 1960s X-Men run, the original graphic novel and the initial issues of The New Mutants, the Muir Island Saga and series starring Jimmy Hudson, son of Ultimate Wolverine! Hit play to join us for two plus hours of marvelous mutant musings!


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Hey kids - it's another new Comic Book Bears audio episode and we are thrilled to welcome back to the show our Ursine Operative from Oz, the Koala of Comics himself Nottingham scribe David Hazan!! Nottingham is on its 11th issue which is the start of the thrilling final arc of the series! David talks with us about what is ahead as the Sheriff returns home to find a city he barely recognizes. David also chats with us about his recently Kickstarted Requiem #2 and more about his process and his work! Then we move onto comic book roundtable time as the CBB boys Bill Z, Steve and Caleb discuss recent books like Feral (Image), Suicide Squad: Dream Team (DC), Black Hammer: The End (Dark Horse) and much more!


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The weather is getting warmer and the CBB boys have more comics to talk about! After covering some news items Steve, Caleb and Bill Z chat about some recent favorites of theirs including the end of the X-Men's Krakoa era books Rise of the Powers of X and Fall of the House of X (Marvel), Wonder Woman (DC), Outsiders (DC), The N Word of God (Fantagraphics) and Rare Flavours (Boom)! Plus, with this episode, we may be the only comic book podcast to have ever referenced the work of Lincoln Center Theater poster artist James McMullan! Plus our Geek Gets, our Woofs of the Week and more!

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Time for another new audio episode based on our spotlighting of indie creators on our video livestream! On this episode (recorded on March 7th) we are very pleased to welcome for her first time on the podcast writer Corissa Grant!  Corissa introduces us to her horror comic series, Worthy Chaos: Redemption!! The project just had another successful Kickstarter campaign for issue #9! Steve sits solo in the driver's seat for the interview and chats with Corissa about the fight for survival against destiny and the forces of the underworld in Redemption, her inspirations, building a fanbase, and why terrifying supernatural creatures make such cute plushies! And for the second show in a row, Bill Z joins up late toward the end to talk up some other comics like Spider-Gwen: Smash (Marvel) and AWA's U&I by J. Michael Straczynski & Mike Choi! Hit play and you'll get all this plus Woofs, Gets and more on this (sadly) Caleb-less episode!

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Over the past few weeks we spotlighted indie creators on our video livestream and now those episodes are being made available as audio episodes! First up (recorded on February 22nd) we are very pleased to welcome for their first time on the podcast artist Amanda Kahl and writer Jeremy Flagg, co-creators of the comic "I Am The First". Caleb and Steve interview the duo and we get to know their inspirations and journey creating the series, where to find their other work, their Brave New Comics imprint and more! (And fear not, CBB faithful, Bill Z continues his unbroken streak of appearances by JUST making onto the show at the end!)

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A bunch of bears and a bunch of new comics - yes, it's another new Comic Book Bears audio episode! Hit play and hear Steve, Caleb and Bill Z chat about a very important bit of recent comic industry news - the mass exodus of artists from Cadence Comic Art - and then onto the comic book talk with time dedicated to Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel), The Schlub (Image), Somna (DSTLRY) and  John Constantine: Hellblazer - Dead in America (DC)! AND YES, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 REALLY IS THAT GOOD!!!

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Finally, it's a new Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode! Hit play and hear the CBB boys (Bill Z, Steve and Caleb) talk about comics like Superman: Lost, Kneel Before Zod, the new Duke and Cobra Commander books from Image/Skybound's G.I. Joe line and - remember we are a queer podcast - Killer Queens 2! The boys also get caught up with each other and, since this first 2024 episode was recorded during the playoffs, you get treated to some NFL Conference and Super Bowl chat from Caleb and Bill ... it was a funny conversation so we left it in ... and if you have missed the audio episodes, don't worry - this is just the first of three that we will be releasing over the next week!


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Two of the CBB boys (Bill Z and Steve) were able to sneak in one last livestream in 2023 and here it is now as the first Comic Book Bears Podcast audio episode of 2024! And it's all about the King of the Seven Seas! Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the 15th film and final installment in the DC Extended Universe movie series and that's what we chat about! The film was directed by James Wan and stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman, alongside Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Randall Park, Dolph Lundgren, Temuera Morrison, Martin Short, and Nicole Kidman. In the film, Aquaman must work with his half-brother Orm to prevent Black Manta from killing his family and using the cursed Black Trident to overheat the world while searching for the lost seventh kingdom of the seas. We let you know what we thought about it and also provide some recommendations for comic books featuring Aquatic Ace! Hit play to dive in!!!

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